New 2014 Rule Change:

In order to follow the Boy Scout way, Leave No Trace, and to follow international conservation practices we decided to make the 2014 BSGSO a non blue marlin kill tournament.  Anglers will not be awarded points for any Billfish killed or mutilated.

This is a billfish release and a meat fish combined points tournament.

         The Boy Scout Gulf Stream Open is an overall points tournament.  Participants will earn points through billfish releases and meat fish points based on there weight.  

         The Rules and Regulations for the Boy Scout Gulf Stream Open are in line with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission as well as the International Game Fish Association.  

         The Boy Scout Gulf Stream Open is a registered Highly Migratory Species fishing tournament and it is mandatory for our particapants to follow all rules and regulations to qualify for trophies and prize money. 

The 2014 Rules and Regulations will be available soon.

Download the 2013 Rules and Regulations Here